Grupo Parro
La Basílica Sevilla
Barqueta Sevilla
La huerta de la Buhaira
Aged sheep cheese with walnuts
Acorn Loin with raisins
Taquitos Iberian sausage with peanuts
Tuna salad and egg
Potatoes with aioli
Salmorejo with diced ham and egg
Tomatoes sprinkled with mackerel
Aubergine peppers and eggplants
Chicken salad with slices of cheese salt
Chicken livers pate with orange marmalade
Tataki tuna with couscous
Mini hamburgers with brie cheese and caramelized onions
Molletito tuna with guacamole
Stew with mint croquettes
Oxtail croquettes with Pedro Ximenez reduction
Chicken tears with Ali Soy
Vegetable rolls with sweet and sour sauce
Cornets prawns with soy mayonnaise
Dogfish marinade
Fried calamari with aioli soft
Fried diced cod
Flamenquín asparagus with cheese
Para los niños
Beef burger
Pork tenderloins with fries and vegetables
Iberian pork with fries
Beef tenderloin with fries
Chicken kebabs with potato chips
Chorizo ​​con mojo criollo
Choco grilled with green faded and salad
Tuna with roasted vegetables
White chocolate mousse with pistachios
Three supreme chocolates three chocolates
Cruzcampo on tap
Cruzcampo reserve
Cruzcampo without alcohol
Beer without gluten
Tinto de verano with casera
Water with gas
Water without gas
Soda and juice
Premium tonic
Chato cream (2 flavors: lemon, vanilla and chocolate)
Polo lemon sorbet with rum and mint