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BARQUETA, different environments to live a unique experience while life goes on around you


The gateway between traditional and modern Seville


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Barqueta restaurant is not the product of chance, but the result of hard work and effort. In 2008 it was decided to build a restaurant by the Mapfre bridge, also known as bridge Barqueta, where once upon a time ancient barges offer services to cross the river. Barqueta, invites us to cross the river and discover new spaces open to modernity.

The restaurant located opposite the site of the Expo '92, becomes a living reference before and after Seville, on a balcony where to look at the Guadalquivir and let your imagination go while enjoying representative dishes of our cuisine with an innovative touch. The restaurant Barqueta acts as gateway to the traditional Seville looking to the future, integrated into the riverscape finding a place in a city that holds on the river balance between historic past and cosmopolitan present. 

Restaurant BARQUETA the balcony of a cosmopolitan Seville.





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we offer unforgettable experiences in the heart of Seville

Restaurante La Barqueta Sevilla

In the heart of the city offers the best views of Seville, with a view to the Guadalquivir and opposite the site of the Expo '92.

Designed to be the perfect place for all kinds of events accompanied by a traditional Andalusian cuisine with an innovative twist.

Restaurante La Barqueta Sevilla

Restaurante La Basílica Sevilla

Built on the remains of the dream of a temple, The Basilica reflects the coexistence between traditional and modern Seville

It offers an exquisite culinary variety in ideal spaces for celebrations, presentations and cocktails.

With capacity for 200 people inside and 500 outside terraces waiting for you to offer a sinigual experience.

Restaurante La Basílica Sevilla